Developed in house and protected by worldwide patents, Repkon’s free flowforming technology permits the production of various parts with specific forms and geometries that could not previously be manufactured using conventional techniques. Similarly, spirally grooved barrels that could not previously be created can now be shaped by Repkon’s free flowform technique. Introduced to international markets as the first of its kind, the 40 mm grenade launcher barrel manufactured by Repkon based on an original design and formed by using the flowform technique have successfully passed field and laboratory tests conducted in line with NATO standards.

The “rotational forging” approach utilizes another Repkon technology, permitting the forming of materials in any shape (in hot or cold conditions).  Special solutions have been developed for the cold forming of 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 9 mm and 12.7 mm barrels for pistols, automatic machine guns and handguns.  Barrels with improved target stability and lifecycle parameters are manufactured with high precision, with the spiral groove sections and the breech section formed together in a single clamping


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